Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Introducing the newest crew member, Nauti Buoy Bryce

July 3, 2012

Last March Kevin's and Debbie's almost 15 year old Welsh Springer Spaniel, Tate died. Tate was a devoted dog and well loved by them. He spent a lot of his time in Cincinnati, Florida and on the water.  Tate had over 10,000 miles of travel aboard Island Hopper.  Last summer he did not make the 2 month trip to the Abaco.  He stayed back in Cincinnati with Debbie's mom.

Well, Debbie, one who likes to keep their life on and  off the water more interesting, talked Kevin 
into buying a new dog. They now are the proud owners of a  6 month old Welsh Terrier, Nauti Buoy Bryce.  They call him Bryce.  It should probably be said that Bryce is now the proud owner of Kevin and Debbie. 
Kevin and Debbie arrived in Baltimore at 1:00 PM on a quick Delta flight from their home in Cincinnati, Ohio.   Bryce too flew in cargo thanks to  a pet concierge service and arrived no worse for the wear.  A cab took the crew to the to the Baltimore Harbor. Bryce boarded the boat and just took a look around. With numerous dog toys brought from Cincinnati, he felt right at home. 

Introducing First Mate Bryce
He has already pulled rank on Debbie.

They guarantee that having Bryce aboard will add a new dimension to the Island Hopper log.

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