Thursday, July 19, 2012

Utica to Sylvan Beach, NY

 We are winding up the Erie Canal portion of the trip, 160 miles and 23 locks.  We traveled 28 miles today passing through 3 locks, one up 20 feet and the last two, down 25 feet each, bringing us to the water level of Oneida Lake.  We stopped at Sylvan Beach.

Next stop is Brewerton NY for a few days to pick up Joan and Ian and to reprovision. We will update the blog in a few days.  The marina, Winter Harbor, will be Island Hopper's home for this winter with inside heated storage.
WinterHarbor Link

Debbie and Bryce are enjoying the much cooler weather.

This was our last lock today, we hold on to the lock wall with lines that are secured at the top and hang down.  As you can imagine they are slimy so we use rubber gloves.   Very little turbulents in lock when being lowered unlike when going up.  The lockmaster always calls the next lock to advise them we are coming so there are no delays.

We had to buy a pass ($50 for 10 days) to use the locks from the NY Canal Corporation.
 We tied up to the town wall for the night. About 1000 feet long.  Free but no water or power. Very handy to town. since it was cool the A/C wasn't needed at night.   We operate on our batteries for the time we are here.  With the inverter we are able to watch TV , make coffee, etc.
 Sylvan Beach is  a flash from the past.  Every Thursday they host a CruzIn for vintage cars almost all American.  Hundreds showed up.

Check the link for Sylvan Beach     Link
Sylvan Beach even has an amusement park like a small Old Coney (in Cincinnati not NY.)

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