Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Amsterdam to Little Falls, NY

 We departed at 9:00 AM for our 43 mile run traversing 9 locks to Little Falls, NY. We arrived at 3:00 PM.

Note the VW perched atop the factory stack.
 This part of the Erie Canal utilizes the Mohawk River which parallels I-90 and many train tracks.
 Here we are exiting one of the locks.
 This device is a guard gate.  In the event of high water and drift the gate is lowered to protect the channel to the lock.  Yes, we safely pass through it with a foot or two to spare.
 This is the only lock on the system where the gate opens/closes from above, like a guillotine.   We have seen many of this type on the French Rivers. Dirty water drips on the boat as you pass under.
 A very nice park in Little Falls for a tie up.  Power, water and WiFi for $1 per foot.  This building is a converted river warehouse, now complete with lounge, restrooms and showers for the use of boaters.  We are the only one here tonight.

 A short walk to town over the scenic Mohawk River.  The canal was dug to the south for a few miles to bypass the rapids.  The lock had a 40 foot lift, the highest on the Erie.

The buildings here are converted warehouses to lofts, and retail on the first floor.
These are the falls that the canal bypasses.

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