Monday, July 16, 2012

Waterford to Amsterdam - A day of Locks and More Locks

Island Hopper departed the dock at Waterford, NY at 8:30 AM. Temperatures were predicted to be in the low 90's and winds were NW 10 -15.  Today's schedule is 37.3 miles with 9 locks.  Total lift 252 feet.  Since the canal is also the Mohawk river, there are many homes and docks along it.  Island Hopper cruised at 10 MPH which was the speed limit on most portions today.  We do not see any boats (except a few bass boats) today but there are 2 others at the wall when we arrive.

Mile 0.0 Waterford Dock and Visitors Center - Departure.  Immediately after leaving the dock, lock 2 was dead ahead, this was the first of five locks in the Waterford flight.  The locks are about 1/2 mile apart.  This entire area was devastated by Hurricane Irene.  The canal water level  during the flood was 14 feet above normal pool.

The gates open and  we pull in after the green light is illuminated.  The locks have either a pipe or wire down the side around which we (Debbie) secures a line to the midship cleat.  This holds IH to the lock wall during the filling or draining of the lock.  There are turbulents during this filling.  Some of the locks have only ropes dangling down the wall.  Debbie takes the bow line and Kevin the stern line, wearing rubber gloves as the ropes are slimy the lines are secured to the cleats.

After the lock is filled the gates open and we pull out.  Note the lines dangling down the side with a float at the top.  Also see the next lock just a short distance ahead.  
This was the stop for the night, Amsterdam, NY. .  This wall is a park with a nice restaurant adjacent, unfortunately  it was closed on Monday night so we grilled steaks on board.  Cost to tie up $1 per foot.  There are many free wall tie ups but no power for the  A/C and it is HOT.

The park and restaurant.  Bryce liked the park.  

A small cruise ship sailed by as we were casting off. 

Mile 0.3 Lock 2
Mile 0.8 Lock 3
Mile 1.3 Lock 4
Mile 1.6 Lock 5
Mile 1.8 Lock 6
Mile 2.1 Guard Gate Open
Mile 2.3 Guard Gate 2 Open
Mile 12.6 Lock 7
Mile 23.4 Lock 8
Mile 28.3 Lock 9
Mile 34.5 Lock 10
Mile 37.3 Amsterdam

Island Hopper arrived at Riverlink Park, Amsterdam, NY at 3:00 PM. Riverlink Park offers 600 feet of docking space with 30/50 A electric, water, laundry and WiFi.  Debbie was looking forward to using the laundry facilities. Kevin and Debbie washed the boat and did a few maintenance items on the boat.  The Riverlink Park Cafe is only open Wednesday through Sunday.   Bryce was happy to be spending the evening with his family.


Amsterdam was once home to The Mohawk Carpet Mills.  Competition destroyed this once vibrant business and fire finished off the mill buildings.  Amsterdam is but a shadow of its former self when carpet weaving was a thriving business here.  One famous past resident of this town is Kirk Douglas, the actor.

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