Monday, July 30, 2012

Crysler to Cornwall, ON.

We had a nice journey from Crysler to Cornwall, Ontario.  36 miles and two locks, Eisenhower and Snell about 4 miles apart with a drop of 42 feet each.  There are 7 locks for us to traverse to Montreal. All operated by the St Lawrence Seaway Commission but the first 3 are operated by the US and the remaining are in Quebec.  I will report our comparisons after we traverse the Canadian locks. The US locks were easy with little wait.  Each lock charges $25, cash in US locks and a ticket system in the Canadian locks.

We are used to communicating with the locks on the radio. No radio communication with these locks.  You must tie up to a dock and pick up a phone to tell them you are desirous of a lock through.  You better know upbound from downbound.

 We exit one lock and must stay in a line to the next one so the sailboats dictate the speed, about 7 MPH, luckily a short distance.

We are enjoying a nice push from the current about 2 MPH.  Note the current on the buoy.
 Check out the shape of this cloud, looks like a duck.  Great weather continues.
 Nice marina in Cornwall. We shoehorned in a slip, later the dock attendant a very young lady said we probably should have used the wall for our slip.  Oh well, tested my docking skills.
Several very nice French Canadians helped us with our lines.  A very nice park surrounds the marina.

Cornwall Website
Bryce enjoyed the adjacent park and watching the river traffic.

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