Sunday, July 22, 2012

Brewerton to Oswego, NY

 We put Ian and Joan to work quickly as deckhands.  Debbie the Deck Boss was in charge of them.  The Captain brought IH along side the lock wall skillfully 8 times today in our 32 miles from Brewerton.  After 9 miles we turned north off of the Erie Canal to the Oswego Canal.  The Erie Canal continues to Buffalo but IH is too high at 19 feet. The height limit is 15 feet.

This lock was equipped with dangling mucky ropes, grab one at the bow and one at the stern and hang on.  Gloves are a plus.
 The highest point of the Erie Canal is 420 feet above sea level.  We are descending now to the level of Lake Ontario about 250 feet above sea level.

Next to a lock is a dam for the water to be maintained at a certain level.  Many have nice waterfalls in view.
As we approach Oswego we see deteriorating
warehouses along the river, a common sight in this part of  NY.
 View of the lock as we exit.

In Oswego we saw the Welcome sign but to us it was goodbye to the Canals, 160 miles on the Erie Canal and 23 on the Oswego Canal, which leads north to Lake Ontario.

The deck boss and deckhand Joan await their locking duties as we enter a lock.

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