Thursday, July 26, 2012

Boldt Castle

 Our second day in Alexandria Bay was spent at Boldt Castle.     BOLDT CASTLE LINK

It was just across the river from our marina so we took a local ferry.  It rained off and on all day so a good day to see the inside of the Castle.  Rain is badly needed we are told.  The rain ushered in  cooler temperatures which were welcome.
 This building was the first one built as it was the power house.  It was built in   1900  to  provide electricity to the house and grounds from diesel generators.  Note the clocktower which contains chimes from the John Wannamaker Dept. Store in Philadelphia.
 This structure was the children's playhouse complete with billiard tables, bowling alley and rooms. It was built to resemble a castle on the Rhine river.
 A fountain on the grounds
 Across the river is the boat house for Mr Boldt's collection of 45 boats, including the house boat La Duchesse which is now displayed in Clayton. The structure also contains rooms for the captain and crew.
 Some of his boats on display in the boat house.
Beautifully maintained gardens on the island.

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