Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Little Falls to Utica, NY

 We took it easy today only traveling 20 miles and two locks due to the marina spacing and the potential for storms as the cold front approached (finally).  No rain or wind resulted and the stop at Utica was very nice.

We passed a boat today, not a common occurrence, this one is a tour boat.  We locked through with them.
Note the railroad bridge and just beyond it the lock.  The Erie Canal in this area is a dug cut, the Mohawk River runs parallel but it is not navigable.
 This is the lock beyond the bridge.  Up 20 feet.
 We used the extra time to bicycle around Utica. We found the local brewery but we missed the last tour.  I am glad we didn't have a beer there as we had to bike back uphill in the heat.  About 2 1/2 miles so not bad.  The tavern and tasting room building is pictured here.  I bought a T shirt!
 Here is the adjacent brewery.  Just saw on the news that Gov. Cuomo was here earlier today to sign a bill giving tax breaks to craft brewers.
The Utica Marina consists of this wall complete with power and water.  Nice park to walk Bryce and a very good restaurant, Aqua Vino, in the restored canal terminal.

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