Monday, July 23, 2012

Brewerton to Clayton, NY

 We left Oswego which is on Lake Ontario at 8:00AM for Clayton, NY about 64 miles.  We traveled across the end of Lake Ontario to the St. Lawrence River which was 32 miles.  The weather forecast was for 10-20 knots from the south with seas building. A small craft advisory was issued for the afternoon.  We had no problems as the wind did not reach 20 until we decided to dock in Clayton.

The lighthouse at Oswego is pictured here.
 As we were approaching the St. Lawrence we started to see ocean going freighters as we had to run in the ship channel.
 We arrived at Clayton, NY about 12:30 PM.  This restaurant boasts of being the home of the Thousand Islands Dressing.  Clayton Link

The town of Clayton from the air.

We left Oswego without a marina reservation for the night. It was Monday so I did not think it would be a problem.  I tried several marinas and left messages but no return calls. The town operates a municipal marina on a first come first served basis so I thought we would be OK, wrong. With the weather forecast many boaters stayed put.  I found 50 feet along a dock but I need 54 for the boat only, plus a few feet to maneuver so I had to pass.  Finally Marina 225 owner answers his cell phone and says sure I have a spot.  4 foot draft no problem, he says.  In we pull, and find out we have 4 feet 2 inches of water, luckily silt and not rock.  Island Hopper is on the right above.  Clayton Marina link.

Here is the media room with Ian checking it out at the marina.  Just storage.

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