Wednesday, July 11, 2012

NYC Day 49

We enjoyed two nights at Liberty Landing.  Nice to take it easy for a day.  We have traveled 1,772 miles since Sarasota, Fl.

We bicycled every day here.  Great trail south from the  marina through the Liberty State Park.

My cousin  Robert lives about an hour south in Mendham, NJ.  He was in SF but his wife Liz was nice enough to be our tour guide in NYC.  We took the ferry to the financial district in Lower Manhattan with the intention of visiting the 9/11 Memorial site.

This building in the picture to the right is the new Goldman Sachs building just north of the marina in Jersey City,  no less.
Captain and mate (Admiral) in front of the 9/11 memorial fountain, very impressive, check it out at this link.  Link to 9/11 Memorial
 Two of these fountains adorn the site.
 Debbie and cousin Liz
New building going up at 9/11 site that will be the tallest in the US at 1776 stories.  Not sure I want to move my office to this building, but I probably could not afford it. Note from the admiral: Why does Kevin need an office????

We finished our day touring a local church that was the center of the relief efforts for 9/11 and then headed to Century 21 for a little shopping!
Check the link for Century 21.   Link

Since I forgot a few dress shirts I stocked up on a few bargains for our dinners in big cities like Waterford, NY (wrong!) and Montreal.

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