Friday, July 6, 2012


Arriving at the Dock

Island Hopper departed the dock at 9:40 AM headed to Delaware City, DE.  This is the first time both Kevin and Debbie have been in Delaware.  They have traveled much of the U.S., but Delaware is one of the states their paths did not cross.  Again, the weather was in the 100 degrees.  It was another hot day, but the breeze over the water did not make it feel as warm as it was on the thermometer.  Island Hopper arrived at Delaware City Marina at 1:35 PM.  (  

The owner Tim and Tara assisted us docking. Both very helpful.  The marina was clean and very nicely appointed with grills, a deck and a marine store. After docking and completing some chores, Kevin and Debbie walked into town.  Bryce did not go into town due to the heat.  

Hey Ella, One of the Stores Had a Guy at the Door

After cooling down in the boat, the entire crew took a walk in the park.  The shade of the trees made it feel like it was only in the upper 90's.  Kevin and Debbie had dinner at a recommended local restaurant called Crabby Dick's.  The crab cakes were outstanding. 

Crabby Dick's Restaurant


Delaware City can trace its origins to 1801 when the Newbold family purchased a tract of land on the Delaware River that was originally known as Newbold's Landing and would later become Delaware City.  The new town enjoyed prosperity during the 19th Century due to the completion of the Chesapeake & Delaware Canal in 1829.  Delaware City was incorporated in 1851.

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