Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day 39 Baltimore OpSail

 We used the days in Baltimore to complete  needed maintenance.  Only issue on the entire trip was a drip in a plastic connector fitting on the hot water heater on the last day.  I took it apart and cleaned the threads and reinstalled it.  Still leaked.  I  tightened it  carefully until it cracked.  Now big leak.  Luckily I had a brass fitting to replace it in the spares carried on board. No car and no Home Depot nearby so one must carry spare parts and tools.  Crew was happy, shower would work.  I was happy no marine plumber needed, can't imagine what that would cost.

The Tall Ships entered the harbor as promised but were delayed due to bad weather as they sailed up from Norfolk.  Not only tall ships are in attendance
but also naval vessels from the US and other countries.

Note the old with the new, A clipper ship with a US Destroyer in the background
 As the tall ships came into the harbor the sailors were standing on the yard arms.  I guess a fear of heights would be a problem.

 Each ship must have a harbor pilot on board to guide the ship into the harbor.  After docking the pilot boat would take the pilot to the next waiting vessel.
 The Today Show (NBC) with Al Roker broadcast from the Inner Harbor on Thursday morning, I bicycled down to check it out.  They were interviewing a few of the crew from the Indonesian vessel.
 The Indonesian Crew all decked out for the Today Show audience.
 This is Canadian warship 280 aka the Iroquois, a destroyer docked near us at Fells Point.
 Security was evident throughout the harbor with Baltimore police boats and the Coast Guard.
 The Naval Academy sent 5 of their training vessels known as Yard Patrols (YP)
 Condos built out over the water on pilings.
Our harbor from the water taxi.  (Anchorage Marina)

We flew home for a few weeks to attend to matters at work and at home.  Stay tuned for the continuation of our voyage to Montreal in early July.

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