Thursday, June 7, 2012

Day 33 St Michaels and Oxford, MD

 We enjoyed the second day in St Michaels.  I checked out the new exhibits at the museum and went for a long bike ride around St Michaels.  After about 4 miles I decided to turn around and head for the Oxford Bellevue ferry about 11 miles away.  We had stayed at the town of Oxford before but this trip we had to bypass it.

Debbie needed some pampering, not by me, at the local salon.
 The ferry was started in 1683 (no diesels then) as the sign below attests.  Bicycle with passenger is $6 round trip.  I waited for a few minutes after raising a yellow board and voile she appeared.

 I bicycled around the town and checked out the Highland Creamery, a transplanted Scotsman who makes the best ice cream.

Highland Creamery

This picture is of an old Inn that is open for dinner.

 Oxford Info    
I took a quick tour of the local shipyard that specializes in maintaining the many wooded vessels on the Chesapeake. Check out the one in the showroom.

After I returned to Island Hopper, Debbie said lets go on a bile ride.  I had logged 26 miles at this point on a folding bike with 20 inch wheels but being a good sport off we road another 4 miles.  Fun day.  I didn't have to feel guilty for eating the ice cream, either.

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