Saturday, June 2, 2012

Day 28 Lay Day Portsmouth/Norfolk

 We took a lay day on Saturday to catch up on laundry and to re-provision at a local grocery and to visit Portsmouth and Norfolk.

Our marina was on the Elizabeth River which is a major port.  A ship passed by at cocktail time.
The local Maritime Museum had re enactors  there for a war of 1812 exhibit.
We took teh ferry across the river to Norfolk.  Once there we walked around to wee some of teh historic areas.  We also took the light rail, similar to the one that will be constructed in Cincinnati soon.  Nice touch.

 Norfolk had a contest for mermaids like Cincinnati did for pigs a few years ago. Several of the many we saw!

 Another great maritime museum in Norfolk called Nauticus.   Besides the museum exhibits it is connected to the USS Wisconsin, a battleship that is open for tours.  Very interesting.
 Norfolk is a very old city.  We walked around several of the historic districts and we enjoyed the varied architecture.

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