Friday, June 1, 2012

Day 27 Coinjock, NC to Portsmouth, VA

 We departed Coinjock at 730.  Storms were predicted for the afternoon so I wanted to arrive by early afternoon.  Only 50 miles from Portsmouth but we had to pass through many bridges that opened on a schedule  and we had one lock to traverse.  We arrived at Ocean Marine Center at 100.  Naturally the winds picked up for our docking but it was uneventful.

Our good friends Ed and Barb Daniel disembarked here. Their son, a submariner, is stationed in Norfolk.  Ed was with me since Sarasota a total of 1225 statute miles.

  In the evening the heavens opened with rain and wind.  A tornado touched down 20 miles
 north in Hampton VA.  Luckily we were unscathed.
Score to date, two tropical storms and one nearby
tornado, but who is counting.

 Ospreys love to build their nests in the aids to navigation.

Of course in the narrowest section of the waterway a barge pulled and pushed a missile component towards Coinjock?
 The crew spotted two eagles majestically posed in a tree along the waterway.
One lock to pass through at Great Bridge, VA.  This canal separates the Albermarle Sound watershed from the Chesapeake so depending upon the tide on Chesapeake Bay the elevation difference is a few feet up or down.  Today we dropped 2 feet.
 Many bridges to pass through that open mostly on the hour.  I programmed their coordinates in to the GPS so I knew the exact time we would arrive.  The speed of the vessel was adjusted to arrive at the bridge at the appointed time.
We passed through the beginning of the shipyards in Norfolk and Portsmouth. When we leave we will pass many more. This carrier is the Harry Truman in for refitting.

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