Sunday, June 10, 2012

Day 36 Rock Hall to Baltimore (Fells Point)

We only had 25 miles to go to Baltimore across the Chesapeake Bay from Rock Hall so we bicycled around Rock Hall before heading out at 1100.  Beautiful day with light winds.  Usually we try not to travel on weekends, especially Sunday but we only had a few hour run so off we went.  Total miles today 23, total from Sarasota, 1471 miles!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will post pictures from Opsail, the parade of tall ships on Wed.   Link to Opsail    We have a front row seat from our marina.  After that the crew is taking a needed break to return to Cincinnati for a few weeks.

We needed to stay in one place for a few days to  reprovision, laundry, engine maintenance including changing the oil and filters, replace the zinc anodes, tighten all engine belts, and clean the engine cooling water strainers.  So far everything has performed without a hitch. Almost afraid to say that!

Not much marine traffic approaching the Francis Scott Key Bridge but that will change as we enter the Baltimore area.
 Baltimore is a busy seaport so you usually see many freighters entering and leaving the harbor.
 We saw this freighter anchored in the bay last week waiting to be called to the dock.
 Fort McHenry guarding Baltimore Harbor. This fort is famous for Francis Scott Key writing the Star Spangled Banner while a prisoner on a British Frigate near the fort.  We have visited the fort several times so we passed it today.

 Fort McHenry website
 Naval vessels that seem to be mothballed along the river.
 Thrill ride boat passed us.
 We are staying in a friend's boat slip that I rented for up to a month at Anchorage Marina in the Fells Point neighborhood of Baltimore.  Very handy as a West marine store is a block away and the grocery with a good wine department is across the street.  Very large marina.

.Link to Anchorage Marina
 Baltimore has done a very good job of developing the waterfront.  Here is a picture of condos looking on to the marina.
 Nearby Fells Point is teeming with shops, bars and restaurants.  Even a pirate ship calls it home
Debbie is scouting out a watering hole for later.
 We saw black smoke billowing into the air. We followed it to find a 5 alarm fire in an empty warehouse.  The fire was almost out by the time we arrived.  Poor firemen, about 90 degrees and they were wearing all that dark covered clothing and equipment.
 More condos built over the water near the marina
 Cincinnati has a pig contest, Baltimore has a crab contest.  See Debbie peeking out?
 A nice fountain near us.

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