Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Grand Haven, MI

 We left Ludington at 830AM bound for Grand Haven about 70 miles south.  It was overcast and misting but the good news was the lake was flat.  The GPS worked again bringing us to the harbor entrance.
Of course it started drizzling harder as we approached the marina. Debbie models my foul weather gear well.
 The municipal marina was full due to "Coast Guard Week: festival.  We stayed across the river at North Shore Marina a working boatyard.  It was a 13 mile cab or bike ride each way to Grand Haven so we put the dinghy in and in 10 minutes we were in town.  Note the new electric 3hp Torqeedo electric motor.
 The admiral as my bow ornament.
 Grand Haven fancies itself as the Coast Guard City.  I was warned we may get boarded here by overzealous public servants but I think they were to busy with the festivities.  
 The celebration reminded me of a large festival complete with rides but no beer booths.  Not in Cincinnati!
 Several large CG vessels were in port for the festivities, including one from the Canadian CG.  

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