Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Parry Sound

 A front was coming with predicted wind and thunderstorms so we elected to stay an extra day in Parry Sound.  We were glad we did.  Thunderstorms in the morning but it cleared out by 10AM but then the winds kicked in, 25 knots gusting to 30 all day.  Marina was protected from the bay but we still felt the winds.  A very nice marina built by the government and  operated by the Chamber of Commerce to promote tourism.  Over 200 all transient slips.
 This high railroad bridge passed over the town. Very busy with freight trains.
 We found two good restaurants on trip advisor,  Bisto by the Bay and for more informal dinner, Wellingtons an English Pub with decent food.  We are checking out the history spots in town.
 I caught up on a myriad of chores and Barb and Eddie checked out the Bobby Orr hockey museum and took in a movie matinee which was packed.  Barb enlightened me that Bobby Orr was from Parry Sound and he played hockey for the Boston Bruins in the early 70's.

Nice sunset as the front had cleared the air of humidity and rain.

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