Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My Friend's Island

 We left Little Current at 10AM so we could meet our Cincinnati friends at 11AM about 8 miles north.  Jim and Lynda own an island in North Channel in an area called Bay of Islands.  We met at a "sea" buoy at the correct time.
 Our harbor pilot, Jim, came aboard to guide us through the rocks to his island.  I should have checked his pilot's license and insurance papers but I didn't.  
With all of that local knowledge gained by living here in the summer for 25 years, we came through unscathed.   Here is one of the buildings on their 5 acre island,   
 They are not used to having a large boat tie up at their dock but we managed very well utilizing  the 16 foot dock with great cleats.  We used rings on shore to secure additional lines from Island Hopper.  Luckily light winds were predicted with no thunder storms.

  Bryce had a great time running free on the island.  He could go for a swim, go visit a neighbor that had three dogs, thanks to low water levels, or just hang out.  We loved the outside "head" shown below.

 I  carry quite a few adapters on board for connections to shore  power.  Here is the ships's 50 amp 240 volt cord on the right connecting to a 30 amp 120 volt adapter then to a 15 amp 120 volt plug that you use at home,  It was enough power for fans and the refrigerators and hot water if managed correctly.

A great sunset to cap off our wonderful visit with Jim and Lynda.

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