Thursday, July 18, 2013

Detour Village, Michigan

 We were able to secure reservations for Mackinac Island for Friday and Saturday.  The marina is closed for the the Port Huron, Mackinac race on Sunday.  We wanted to arrive early on Friday at Mackinac so we chose Detour village as an intermediate stop 77 miles west of Gore Bay.  There was a chance we would be ordered to appear at customs so we decided to leave early and run at faster speed of 18-20 MPH.  I had enrolled in FL in a special customs program so I was hoping that would obviate a stop for inspection.

The only customs inspection was  on Drummond Island which was en route to Detour.  I filed the required float plan the day before and called Customs when I entered US waters.  The call was dropped twice, not a good omen.  Finally I was able to reach an agent and he gave me a clearance number to enter into my
log.  We were legal now.  

 We found a store in town to replenish the wine cellar, not a great selection in a town of 900, but not bad and much cheaper than Canada.  Bryce enjoyed the walk as well.  No Debbie doesn't carry all of the groceries, I carry my share as well.
We delayed our departure due to thunderstorms in the area.  By 9AM they had passed according  to the ship's Sirius weather service so we set off.  About 1 PM we did get hit by rain but thankfully no high winds or lightning.  Of course it started to rain again as we pulled up to the fuel dock. Debbie was a good sport about it.  

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