Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Bobcaygeon to Sunset Cove

 We departed Bobcaygeon a very busy place, for a marina en route to Orillia.  Since a lock was just below us we could not leave until close to 9AM when the lock opened.   We saw quite a few sea planes along the way, at docks, flying and taking off.

 We traveled 38 miles and 4 locks today arriving at 3:30 PM, a blistering pace. This is our 14th day and we have covered 350 miles from Brewerton, NY.  We had some narrow cuts to navigate as you can see.  Luckily we waited for this pack before proceeding.
 Unlike the river system the bottom is unforgiving.  The water is clear so you can see the rocks just outside the narrow channel.
 We entered the Kirkfield lift lock.  Similar to Peterborough, but lowering us 70 feet instead of lifting us.  Here we are in the pan secure to the side.  
 We are being lowered now in the pan, quite an engineering feat.
 This is called "hole in the wall" wonder why.  We had plenty of clearance.
Here is the marina at Sunset Cove owned by Joe and Marilyn a very nice couple.  The laundry was down so Marilyn allowed us to use her home units. We knew there was no food here so we grilled on Island Hopper.  There was a pizza delivery but we passed on this.

Our view off the stern, lovely and serene.

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