Friday, July 12, 2013

Killarney, Ontario

We traveled 56 miles today to Killarney.  We took a short cut into the Georgian Bay as it was dead calm, and  to shave off 15 miles and 3 very narrow shallow passages.   One wrong turn or inattention for a second and you are on the rocks.  IH wound her way through the channels, several hardly wide enough for one boat let alone to pass one.  

We had to post a bow lookout several times to warn us of rocks near to the channel.
 Yes, this is our path through the minefield.

 An occasional cottage adorns the shore.
 Our trusted lookout, Barb.
 Glad they provided the green buoy to say "stay in the channel or else".  If damage occurred to one or more props or shafts there are no boat yards within miles that would be able to haul Island Hopper, so vigilance is a top priority,  
 This is the almighty Canadian Coast Guard buoy tender, an important vessel and crew.
Another lighthouse to protect wayward sailors.  This one marks the entrance to Killarney Channel.

Our destination was Sportsman's Inn and Marina in Killarney.  One of the best stops on our journey this year. We spent two nights.    Link to Inn website

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