Sunday, July 14, 2013

Little Current, Ontario

After Ed and Barb departed from Killarney for their 13 hour drive to Cincinnati, we sailed for Little Current only 24 miles.  We had to time the bridge which opens for 15 minutes every hour on the hour.  We came through at 1PM.
The only crew left, Debra, was ready for docking at the City marina in a slip no less. 
 A very attractive waterfront, complete with flowers and walkway.

 The downtown is vibrant as well with shops and restaurants.  We walked to the grocery for a few staples.  

 The local hotel and restaurant called the Anchor Inn.  Every morning at 9AM a cruiser's net is broadcast from the hotel. I wandered in and introduced myself.  
On the wall in the broadcast room I notice a burgee from the Four Seasons Yacht Club in Cincinnati.  Someone named Campbell, small world.  Another 'looper" I guess.

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