Friday, July 26, 2013

Leland, MI

 We departed at 8:30PM for our 48 mile run to Leland, MI.   Debbie enjoys holding Bryce the Welsh Terrier on her lap.  WE ended up staying two nights due to high seas and wind.  A cold front passed through.  Seas building to 8 feet so the Captain has elected as everyone else in the marina, to stay in port.  

 Like many cities bordering Lake Michigan, the city has built a great transient marina complete with offices, lounge, showers and rest rooms.  Wonderful dock hands as well.  The breakwater protects us from the weather on Lake Michigan.  Note IH on the left with the dinghy on the stern.
Leland is a quaint fishing village complete with shopping and restaurants.  The boat here is a commercial fishing vessel for Lake MI!
I loved the windvane.
This is an  area called "Fishtown" that is quite old.  Instead of commercial fishing houses they now house boutiques and restaurants.    

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