Thursday, July 11, 2013

Britt, Ontario

 We left early for our 62 mile run to Britt, Ontario up Byng Inlet. We passed a few lighthouses en route.  This was our 23rd day since leaving Brewerton NY and we have covered 545 miles.  
 Nice marina called St. Amant's Inn.  Only a few boats besides us.  When the sun went down we were invaded with Mosquitos.  They must have come in around the porthole screeens, so we closed them and turned on the a/c.  Too late, we swatted them into the night and the next day.  Luckily for me they are more attracted to Debbie than me.    

We enjoyed the restaurant which is above the general store.  We also provisioned (Eddie was low on beer) and took on diesel fuel at the very good Canadian marina price of $1.33CN per liter about $4.50 US per gallon.  
 Several commercial fishing boats we saw on Byng Inlet leaving Britt.  
 We also had our first encounter with black flies. They buzz around incessantly and bite at will.  Luckily OFF seems to work.  
Byng Inlet lighthouse.

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