Monday, July 8, 2013

Midland to Henry's Restaurant, Frying Pan Island

 We spent three nights in Midland.  Not there was that much to do but we needed to provision, a laundry, and we needed to shuttle Ed and Barbs Car to Killarney which was 180 miles north on Georgian Bay. WE rented a car to do this. They will leave from there to drive 12 hours to Cincinnati, via Detroit.  

After being on the Trent Severn Canal it was nice to see more open water, or is it? We are confined to narrow channels that are very well buoyed, but don't stray outside the channel, as the rocks are everywhere.
 Besides rocks there are many islands some of which are inhabited.  Some have electricity provided by cable while others have solar panels.  
 Our destination was Henry's Restaurant on Fryingpan Island 35 miles distant.  Overcast day but just a few sprinkles.  We had our first boat issue in Midland.  A shower valve sprung a leak.  I ended up removing the valve and capping the supply lines.  We spent Monday AM looking for parts.  We found a friendly plumber's shop that had what we

 We departed at 1020AM for the 4 hour trip.  No locks to delay us.

Check out the channel ahead.  
 More narrow channels in beautiful country. 
 When we arrived at Henry's a sea plane was departing having stopped for lunch.   
Henry's Restaurant serves simple fish and chicken dishes. It is known for its Pickerel which we call walleye.  I tried the yellow perch, very good.  Nice docks also.  

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