Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Port of Orillia

We departed Sunset Cove at  8:50 AM for our 25 mile run to Orillia.  We traversed 5 locks and two swing bridges today.  Here is our morning breakfast duty, check weather, e-mails and entertain Bryce.  Debbie is still in Cincinnati so I am the custodial parent.
 More locks and narrow passages, we are experts by now.
 We tied up to several of the lock walls to stretch Bryce's legs and ours and also to wait for the lockmaster.  Parks Canada has had serious cutbacks this year, so staffing is an issue as 3 people operate 2-3 locks.  They drive to meet you at the next lock.  
 We tied up before entering Lake Simcoe to take a peek.  This wall is protected by a breakwater.   
 We also crossed Lake Simcoe a very large (20 by 16 miles) shallow lake.  One must watch the weather forecast as it can get ugly fast.  It was a mill pond today.  It was warm and muggy today so we got a dose of fog.  WE slowed and used the radar to look for other vessels.
 We arrived in Orillia at 2:00PM after traveling 25 miles.  The marina has 220 slips and is all for transients.  New and operated by the City.  I heard on weekends it is usually booked solid.  Only about 20% full on a Wednesday.  Island Hopper is tied up to a T Head dock in the background.
 The marina is adjacent to a park, great for dog walks.

 These decorated sailboats were all over town, like the decorated Pigs in Cincinnati a few days ago.  

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