Saturday, August 18, 2012

Westport to Jones Falls, Ontario

We left Westport after having a real breakfast of eggs, etc at a local diner, nice change from cereal.  The weather has cooled off lows in the 50's high in the 70's and sunny with light winds though some days the wind builds in the afternoon to 10-15 with higher gusts.  Usually when you pull into a lock the gust hits!  Only 18 miles to cover today but 7 locks which slows the journey.
They provide a dock to tie up to while waiting for the lock.  No maneuvering around for 30 minutes like on the river system in the States.  Here we saw a beautiful woody, of which there are many in this neck of the woods. 
The last 4 locks are together at Jones Falls, called a flight of locks.  The entire system was build in the 1830s, if you can believe that.

Jones Lock Photos Link
Our destination is the Hotel Kenney at the bottom of the locks.  We reserved a space on their wall.  Since it was a weekend it was imperative that we had  wall space.  No reservations at the lock walls.   Their wall filled up by 5:00 PM.  The Hotel has been owned by the same family since the late 1800's until it was sold in 2008. We had a great meal at the Inn.
Link to youtube
We took a tour at the locks of several buildings.  This one was an operating blacksmith shop used to forge parts to maintain the locks.

The flight of 4 locks can been seen from Island Hopper which is docked at the Hotel Kenney wall.
Of course the crew received training on cleaning and maintaining the vessel.  If dew was prevalent the squeegee mop works great for a quick clean.

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