Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Kars to Merrickville, Ontario

We left the marina at 9:00 for our next destination, Merrickville, supposed to be a beautiful village along the Rideau.  24 miles and 7 locks were navigated, we arrived at 12:30 so we had time to check out the town.  We had entered the Rideau River as opposed to the canal so it was wider and we were able to pickup the speed a little.
 We saw a few sea planes tied up behind some homes, we slowed down so as not to wake them.
 Even though the river was wide, there were sections that the channel was narrow.  Had to keep a sharp eye on the markers.  Depths were as shallow as 5.5 feet, IH needs 4 feet.
Of course more locks.  Crew handled them well.  All manual.  
Another swing bridge connected to the lock.
We docked at the town dock along a wall.  The docks in the foreground we filled.  Costs were $45 per night plus $10 for Hydro (electricity).  We had one 30 amp plug so we could keep the systems operating except the A/C.  
Of course we found the ice cream shop.
After we came out of the lock a group of canoes and kayaks entered.  They were paddling the entire Rideau about 125 miles from Kingston to Ottawa as a fundraiser for their church.  A van arrived with all of their gear. They were camping on the lock grounds, something we witnessed often.
We decided to eat on board as we had purchsed great steaks in Ottawa, and of course the wine cellar was stocked.
The ladies set a great table and prepared wonderful sides.
Nice sunset from the back deck.

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