Friday, August 24, 2012

Brewerton-Winter Harbor Marina

Winter Harbor Boat Storage Facility
Winter Harbor Marina

 We had a checklist of items to accomplish before leaving Island Hopper for the winter.  Routine maintenance such as oil changes for the two diesels (5 gallons of oil and two oil filters each), generator ( 1 1/2 gallons of oil and one filter) and fuel filters (two filters for each engine), clean the holding tank, add Clorox to the water tanks, etc. Also a complete wash of the exterior was completed.

  Luckily no winterizing of the systems  is necessary because the building is heated.  Usually I rinse the engines and air conditioners with fresh water, but we are in fresh water so didn't have to do that either.

Debbie cleaned the entire interior and the bridge, including the carpet and cushions.  After 4 months of full time use IH was in need of some TLC.

We were able to complete our jobs by Sunday so we rented a car for pickup at the nearby Syracuse airport for  one way to CVG.  We rented a standard SUV which was packed to the roof with our stuff including Bryce, the Welsh Terrier.

On Monday I moved IH into the "pit" for liftout by the travelift.  After that IH was blocked so she could have her bottom pressure washed.  No barnacles either in fresh water, a few zebra mussels and some slime but everything else looked great.   She will be moved into the building utilizing a hydraulic trailer, in a few days.

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