Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Kingston to Oswego, NY

We watched the weather forecast, Wed called for south winds 5-10 knots, seas less than 2 feet. We had an open crossing of 55 miles the entire width of Lake Ontario on the eastern end.  Our destination, Oswego, NY the mouth of the Oswego river (canal) that we must take back to Brewerton, NY.  We set off at 8:00 AM to take advantage of light winds in the morning.  By 11:30 we were passing the lighthouse at Oswego.  The weather forecast however was not quite accurate.  About 10:00 the winds picked up and whitecaps were common, 15 knots gusting to 20, luckily the seas did not build by the time we arrived in Oswego.  In the afternoon it was dead calm, go figure.

 After arrival we proceeded to the video phone at the marina  that is a link to Border Protection. We had passports and the ship's papers in hand.  We stood in front of the camera and then the officer asked us to put our passports under another camera and voile' we were back in the USA!  I replaced teh SIM card in the IPAD and we were back on Verizon, yippee!

We had stopped at Oswego on the way north over a month ago.  This time we had more time to bicycle around, nice town.  I visited Fort Ontario and the Maritime Museum, both enjoyable.  I also found a nice restaurant for dinner, Bistro 197, it was excellent.       Link to Bistro 197

Oswego Link
 Another fort visit, we had seen many on this trip.  This area is heavily fortified as the Brits didn't trust the Americans and vice versa, for good reason.  Of course the French were stirring the pot as well always looking for an excuse to oppose the British.

Fort Ontario Link

Bike trail and City hall in background

Fort Ontario from our helicopter

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