Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ottawa to Kars, Ontario

 We left Ottawa at 9:00 AM, as a bridge we had to have open would not oblige us until after rush hour.  Our destination was Hurst marina, a Sea Ray dealer in Kars.  Nothing special but a good stopping point.  Not near a town, jsut a pub so we elected to eat on board.   I also needed a pumpout ($25) and a few gallons of diesel as that is not common along the waterway.  We are using the generator more along the lick walls though I did buy an adapter to allow IH to plug into a single 30 amp plug which is common in Parks Canada.

 As we leave Ottawa the Rideau is a ditch paralleling the Rideau River.  About 7-8 feet deep with little current.  We travel 22 miles today and 8 locks.  Speed limit is 6 MPH but most ignore it, I travel 7-8 if no docks nearby.

This is the first lock we must pass through, 4 miles away.  A bike path runs alongside the canal so Kurt and I bicycled it yesterday,  much faster I might add.
 At every lock we gather the gawkers to see us through.
At this lock there is a connected bridge that must open for us to pass.  A guy stands in the center of the bridge and rotates an arm by walking in circles to operate the bridge mechanism

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