Sunday, August 19, 2012

Jones Falls to Lower Brewers Lock Day 89

 We left the Hotel Kenney at 11:00 AM as we only had 12 miles and 3 locks to traverse.  WE took a hike around the lock grounds to work off the great meal last night.  It was cloudy in the morning but it burned off by noon.
 We had to pass this bridge which opened to allow us through, only 4 foot clearance closed.
We left the lake and entered a cut, glad no vessels were coming our way, shallow as well.
 When we arrived there was an upbound lockage in process, so we tied to the "blue line" and chilled.  Debbie used the time to take Bryce for a walk.  When the lock doors open we started the engines and in we went.
Not much freeboard on the lock when we enter so the skilled deck boss is checking to make sure the fenders are doing their job, and have not popped up.  The rock walls would do a number on the hull paint.
There really is no town stop before the end of the Rideau Canal in Kingston on Lake Ontario so we ask the lockmaster if there is room at the lower lock for us to spend the night.  He calls ahead to Lower Brewers Locks (we are in Upper Brewers Lock) and advises us we are good to go.  Traffic is way down since it is mid August.  The Quebec "construction holiday" has come and gone so the boat traffic has dropped to just a few cruisers, even on the weekend.  We grill out and enjoy a great meal with wine from the cellar (bilge).  Dockage is $.90 per foot per night or one may purchase a season pass, which doesn't make sense for us as we are passing through.  Hydro (what Canadians call shorepower) is an extra $10.  Most of the walls have shore power.  In our case we would like to have two 30 amp plugs but many of the walls have them spaced about 40 feet apart whcih makes it impossible to connect to.  On this wall the plugs were in close proximity so we had full power.

Across the canal was a converted grist mill now an art studio.  Also note the dam that works in conjunction with the lock.  When more water is available there is also a hydroelectric plant that operates here the artist told me.

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