Saturday, August 11, 2012

Montebello to Hull, Quebec

 We left Montebello at 9:00AM for our 42 mile run to Hull, QC which is across the river from Ottawa, the capital.  Still hazy and a little fog with rain predicted as hit and miss.  Mostly miss luckily.
 We passed numerous private marinas along the river.  Reminded me of small marinas along the US rivers, a string of docks for 30-40 boats.
 Here is Hull marina, our port for the night.  Adjacent to a great park for Bryce and us too.  Great bike paths as well.
 We motored by the marina to see the sights of Ottawa.
Here are the step locks we will pass through tomorrow morning at hopefully 9:00 AM, the first lock through.  This is the beginning of the Rideau Canal.  The Fairmount Hotel is on the left side of the canal.

 The Rideau River flows into the Ottawa River about a mile downstream of the canal entrance.  The locks were built to raise vessels to the level of the Rideau River.  The canal was built in the 1830s by the British as they were concerned about hostilities with the US along the St Lawrence River.

Link to Rideau Canal Website

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