Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Kingston, ON


We elected to stay two nights in Kingston as there were many sights to see.  A university town, Queens University with its 20,000 students keeps the town vibrant.   About 150,000 people and at one time the capital of Canada.  Pam and Kurt had left their car here
so they headed to see friends in the NYC area, about a 6 hour drive.  We had to watch the weather as we had to cross Lake Ontario to Oswego, NY about 55 miles.  Since we are are on the eastern side of the lake the prevailing westerly winds can make for some large short period waves.

Link to Kingston travel Info
City Hall (Hotel deVille)
The modern marina, Confederation Harbour, with the downtown square in the background.
A view of the town from Fort Henry.

Link to Fort Henry Site

Fort Henry soldiers 
Fort Henry from the air

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