Friday, August 17, 2012

Smith Falls to Westport, Ontario

We departed Smith Falls at 9:00 AM to make the first lockage.  We passed through 3 locks today and will pass into a large lake (Rideau Lake) rather than the "cuts" of the canal.  Westport is our destination which is 4 miles off the route on the west end of the lake.  A longer day for us, 27 miles but nice that we can speed up on the lake to blow some carbon out of the diesels.

On right is the canal after the lock. The day started out cloudy but in a few hours the sun was bright.
 Note the depth on the chart plotter, sure beats 6 feet depths of the canal cuts.
Rideau Lake
We arrive at Westport before noon and we are able to get the last spot on the city dock.  Kurt hasn't tried Poutine yet, a "delicacy" of Quebec.  I want fish and chips so we kill two birds with one stone.  Poutine is gravy and cheese over "chips". I didn't have enough Lipitor on board to take a full serving.  Poutine Link
Westport is a picturesque village, ideal for tourism, shops, restaurants and flowers.  Westport Link
 The local post office
Debbie with facetime with Bryce the Welsh Terrier, now 8 months old.  He has been great on the trip.

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