Tuesday, August 7, 2012

More Montreal

Our marina for the Week, Port d'Escale, in old Montreal.  Good climb out but worth it as the promenade above was filled with tourists.  Link to Marina
 L'Oratoire St. Joseph on the highest point in Montreal. Great views but a hike up to it in upper 80s heat.  Worth it though.     Link to Website
 Many folks elect to climb the 99 steps on their knees with a prayer on each step.  The kneeling steps are wood not stone like the walking steps.

 Won't pass up an ice cream stop.
 I enjoyed a few long bike rides on the many bike paths in Montreal.  They were crowded with bike riders enjoying the sunny weather that had finally cooled off.  In the background are the Lachine Rapids on the St. Lawrence.  The Lachine canal, to bypass the rapids, was build in the 1800s, replaced in the mid 1950s by the high lift locks for the ocean going ships.
 We stumbled across a huge market called Marche Atwater.  Everything edible to the French, some items not so edible to us.
Link to Atwater

This is the first lock on the historic Lachine Canal.  Now a park and bike path 10 miles long.  Only small boats can use it to pass the rapids.  five locks with height limitation of 8 feet thanks to a few bridges that no longer open.  Link to Lachine Park

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