Saturday, May 14, 2011

Treaure Cay to Great Guana Cay

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Island Hopper departed Treasure Cay at 10:30AM, winds of of the NE at 15, Seas 1-2.  It was a sunny day with the temperatures in the 80s.  Island Hopper went 21.4 miles to Orchid Bay Marina on Great Guana Cay, arriving at 12:00 Noon.


The essence of Great Guana Cay can be summed up by its unofficial motto, painted on a hand-lettered sign:

This sliver of an inlet just off Great Abaco, accessible by ferry from March Harbour or by private boat, is the kind of place people picture when they dream of running off to disappear on an exotic island, complete with alluring deserted beaches and grassy dunes.  Only 100 full time residents live on 7-mile-long Great Guana Cay, where you're more likely to run into a rooster than a car during your stroll around the tranquil village.  Still, there are just enough luxuries here to make a stay comfortable, including a couple of laid back resorts and Nippers Restaurant with one of the best party scenes in the Abacos.  It is by far, the main hot spot on the island particularly on Sundays when droves of customers flock to the site to eat, drink, socialize and simply let themselves go.  In many cases the name Nippers is synonymous with Guana Cay.  Overlooking the wide expanse of beach, the beach bar allows visitors to engage in the number of water sports, particularly the excellent diving and snorkeling that can be discovered just offshore.  Despite the ambiance at Nippers, which seems to lure those looking for action every time, Guana Cay also has a slower pace that is distinctive among the majority of the islands and cays.  It is highly appealing for those looking to unwind and enjoy an exceptional "island life: routine, which makes it suitable for families as well.

The Local Beers

Nippers' Sign

Ian and Joan At Orchid Bay

Kevin and Debbie At Orchid Bay

Golf carts or bicycles are the main transportation for exploring the island; however, some sections are gated or private communities with the northern end of the island dedicated to the Baker's Bay and Ocean Club development, while a great portion of the island's southern end has been claimed by Orchid Bay where Island Hopper docked.

Ian and Kevin Leaving The Boat To Go For A Swim

Ian and Kevin Aboard Island Hopper

The crew had a nice dinner of mahi mahi and grouper at Orchid Bay's Restaurant.  The restaurant was a beautiful new building built right on the edge of the sea.  It really can't get much better than this!

Relaxing Before Dinner and Enjoying the Beautiful View

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