Monday, May 30, 2011

Treasure Cay

Monday, May 30, 2011

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY EVERYONE!!!  Thank you to all of the men and women who serve our country and fight for our safety and freedom.  We appreciate all that you do to keep us safe and free.  GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!  LAND OF THE FREE!  

Island Wear

Stylin In Mimi's Panama Hat

The crew rented a golf cart to explore the island.  Well, not much to see.  The first stop was Abaco Ceramics.  A few purchases for a reminder of a fun times had on Treasure Cay.  Christmas ornaments were bought for the tree.  Ella picked out a  little fish for her room.  The crew got back in the cart and found a local restaurant, "The Burner" to have a Bahamian lunch.  As Aynsley said, "They had great food for a dive".  The meals selected were conch, snapper, chicken wings and Ella's favorite "FRIES".  Then back in the golf cart and on the road to see more adventures. The first landmark was the elementary school then a church.  The golf cart was a great way to get a feel of the island.

Investigating The Island In A Golf Cart

Art On The Primary Building

Tom, Aynsley And Ella At The Burner

Captain And His First "Best" Mate

Ella Waiting For Fries

Debbie And Aynsley

Lunch Family Style - 3 Kaliks And A Sippy Cup

Ella "Weeing" (a.k.a. Driving The Golf Cart

Ella went down for a nap and Tom and Aynsley went snorkeling.  They saw pompano and sand.  After Ella woke up, the crew went to the pool for a swim.  Ella made a new friend, Olivia.  They made water cupcakes.  Monkey fruit was Ella's favorite. 

Tom ANd Ella AT The Pool

Ella Swimming

Aynsley, Tom And Ella Poolside

Ella Making Cupcakes With Olivia

Tonight dinner was at Spinnaker.  It was the house, fish and better fish.  Then the crew walked over to The Tipsey Sea Gull for some local dancing.  Ella stole the show winding her waist and fist pumping. 

Tom, Aynsley And Ella At Spinnaker Restaurant

Ella In Her Memorial Day Dress

Dancing The Night Away.  She Left Bitty Baby On The Floor.

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