Saturday, May 14, 2011

Great Guana Cay to Man-O-War Cay

Friday, May 13, 2011

The crew went for a walk to Nippers and then down the stairs for a beautiful stroll along the beach.  The surf was calmer than yesterday.  After the walk the crew had the Goombay Fruit juice at Nippers' Bar.  No alcohol - too early!!!!  (

Ian and Joan Walking The Beach

Nippers Above The Sea

Kevin And Debbie At The Beach

The crew departed Great Guana Cay at 1:00 PM, after waiting for a rising tide.  Island Hopper's destination was Man-O-War Cay.  Winds were South at 6 and the Seas were 1-2.  Temperatures were in the mid 80's.  Island Hopper pulled into Man-O-War Marina. at 2:00 PM.  It was a short and enjoyable cruise.


Fewer than 300 people live on skinny, 2 1/2 mile long Man-O-War Cay, many of them descendants of early Loyalists settlers who started the tradition of handcrafting boats more than two centuries ago.  These residents remain proud of their heritage and continue to build their famous fiberglass boats today.  The island is secluded, and the old-fashioned, family-oriented roots show in the local policy toward liquor; it isn't sold anywhere on the island. (but folks don't mind if you bring your own.)  Three churches, a one-room schoolhouse, several shops, grocery stores, and restaurants that cater largely to visitors round out the tiny island's offerings.  A mile north of the island is the wreck of the USS Adirondack, which sank after hitting a reef in 1862.  It lies among a host of cannons in 20 feet of water.

Debbie Shopping In Albury's Sail Shop

The crew walked into town visiting both Albury's Sail Shop and Joe's Studio, two well know businesses on Man-O-War.  The Sail Shop, which is popular with boaters makes duffel bags, briefcases, hats, and purses, all made from duck, a colorful, sturdy canvas fabric traditionally used for sails. 

Joe's Studio is a small shop that sells paintings by local artists and souvenir type gifts.

Debbie Taking A Little Break

Local Color

Amazing Views Everywhere You Look

The crew grilled a pork loin for dinner and dined on the back of Island Hopper.  It was a great meal with delicious wine.  Remember... the restaurants on Man-O-War don't serve or sell any alcohol.

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