Saturday, May 14, 2011

Man-O-War Cay to Elbow Cay

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Island Hopper departed Man-O-War Marina at 9:00 AM for Elbow Cay.  Winds were from the South at 10 miles, Seas 1-2 and the temperature was in the 70's, but predicted to get into the mid 80's.  Island Hopper arrived at Hope Town Marina at 10:00 AM. 


Five-mile long Elbow Cay's main attraction is the charming village of Hope Town.  The salt box cottages - painted in bright colors or softly muted pastels- with their white picket fences, flowering gardens, and porches and sills decorated with conch shells, reminds one of a New England seaside community, Bahamian style.  Most of the 300 -odd residents' families have lived here for several generations, in some cases as many as 10.  There are two main roads on the island.  No cars are permitted to enter Hope Town proper.

Flamingo Villa Entering The Harbour

Hope Town Lighthouse

After getting the boat tied and the electric turned on, Ian and Kevin readied the dingy for a short ride to see the Hope Town Lighthouse.

Hope Town Lighthouse

Upon arrival in Hope Town Harbour, the first thing you see is the much photographed Bahamas landmark, a 120- foot-tall, peppermint-stripe lighthouse built in 1838.  The light's construction was delayed for several years by acts of vandalism; then-residents feared it would end the profitable wrecking practice.  Today, the lighthouse is one of the Bahamas' last three hand-turned, kerosene-fueled beacons. There is no road between the lighthouse and the town proper, so one must go by ferry or boat.

Kevin, Ian and Joan

The crew took the dingy for a ride around the harbour.  After a sightseeing crew they docked the dingy and walked through Harbor Town.  A little shopping, actually very little shopping, and then lunch at Cap'n Jack's for fish salads and fish sandwiches.  After lunch Ian, Joan, Kevin and Debbie walked to the Hope Town Harbour Lodge.  It is a casually classy resort with spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean and the beach.  It was then back to the dingy for another harbour cruise to Island Hopper.

Island Hopper At The Dock.  The View From The Lighthouse.

Flora and More Flora

View Of The Lighthouse From Hope Town

Sign In The Cemetery

Tonight the crew had dinner at Harbour's Edge, Hope Town's happening hangout for locals and tourists, this bar and restaurant's deck is the best place to watch the goings-on in the busy harbour.  The crew tied the dingy right in front of the restaurant.  Another wonderful evening spent with great friends and wonderful surroundings.  We are living the good life!   Life is good, but life on Island Hopper is gooder!

Taking The Dinghy To Dinner

Dinner At Harbour's Edge

Harbour's Edge Bar

Harbour View From The Restaurant


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