Monday, May 23, 2011

Guana Cay to Hopetown, Elbow Cay

Monday, May 23, 2011

Island Hopper departed Orchid Bay at 11:00 AM, arriving at Hope Town Hideaways at 12:00 Noon.  Winds were out of the East 10 -12, seas 1 -2, partly cloudy with temperatures in the high 70's to low 80's.  A beautiful day to be on the water.  It was a very short cruising day, which makes it nice for the crew.  Lunch on Island Hopper and then off to adventures.

Island Hopper Docked At The Marina
View From The Lighthouse

Hope Town Lighthouse

Ed, Barb and Kevin walked to the Hope Town Lighthouse.  The crew took the dingy into Hope Town visiting the stores and local landmarks.  The crew then got back in the dingy for a harbor cruise.  Kevin, Ed and Barb went for a swim, while Debbie read the book about "Out Island Doctor".  Barb bought the book and it is such a good read while visiting the islands.  Happy Hour on Island Hopper.  The church bells started ringing at 6:00 PM.  What a beautiful sound across the harbour.   The crew boarded the dingy for a quick ride to Harbour's Edge.   The dingy is tied right up to the restaurant and just a ladder climb to the table.  Fresh fish and local dishes, while watching an amazing sunset.

Dinner At Harbour's Edge

Kevin and Ed.  Friends Since College.

Sunset Behind The Lighthouse

Sunset Over Hope Town Harbour

It is going to be so difficult to dress up and go to a restaurant in Florida or Cincinnati, Ohio.  It is so nice to spend time with special friends and to have the opportunity to share this beautiful paradise...The Abacos.  Thank you Ed and Barb for sharing this specail time with us.  You are the BEST!!!!!

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