Sunday, May 22, 2011

Orchid Bay Yacht Club and Marina, Guana Cay

Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Heron

Ed, Barb and Kevin went for a morning walk while Debbie worked on the MV Island Hopper Log.  They walked to Grabbers at the end of the island. 

Ed On The Dock At Grabbers

The crew walked to Nippers for the weekly Sunday Pig Roast.  $20.00 all you can eat pork feast.  After some Kaliks, Nipper frozen rum drinks and lunch, Ed and Barb decided to snorkel. 

Nippers' Sign

Kevin, Debbie Ed and Barb Imbibing  At Nippers

The Pig Roast Spread
(This Pig Roast Was On Ed's Bucket List)

Nippers' Tervis Tumbler
$22.00 for the Tumbler Filled With A Frozen Nipper

Ed And Barb Sharing A Frozen Nippers

Captain And First Mate

Ed And Barb Heading Out To Snorkel

Nippers' Pool

Nippers' Pool

Island Hopper Docked At Orchid Bay

Orchid Bay From The Other Side Of The Bay

Around 2:00 the crew decided to walk back to Orchid Bay for some swimming and sunning.  It was just a day of Rest & Relaxation.  A few Mango Daiquiris and Pina Coladas for the crew.

Happy Hour on Island Hopper and dinner at the restaurant.  Need we say it again.... Life is Good!!!!


A Beautiful Sunset At Orchid Bay

The Porch At Orchid Bay

Dinner Time!

Ice Cream At Pirates Cove

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