Monday, May 28, 2012

Monday May 28 Day 23 Topsail Island to Morehead City

While at Topsail Island (Surf City) we enjoyed walking on the beach which was only 2 blocks away. Since it was Memorial Day weekend it was very busy on the beach and on the waterways.  Normally I do not like to move on holiday weekends, just too many boats and people.

The marina at Topsail had a few tour boats tied up. We were next to one of them.  Very handy
Marina to the sights though.
A character on the street "working" for tips.  I asked him how much it would  cost for him NOT to sing.

We were able to find a very nice restaurant in Surf City.  Luckily we got a table with short notice.
We departed Topsail at 0740 trying to beat the fishermen and party folks.  The fisherman beat us out.  We traveled 59 miles to Morehead City, NC (next to Beaufort) most at slow speed due to traffic.  Also we had two bridges that only opened on the hour and half hour. We timed them well thanks to the GPS and chartplotter.  Total miles to date 1020.

This house was along the waterway.
The waterfront at Morehead city is all about tourists and sport fishing.  An inlet nearby makes it very convenient for the boats to enter the Atlantic to go for the big fish.

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