Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 19 Charleston to Georgetown, SC

 We departed Charleston for Georgetown, SC.  We untied the lines at 0800 and arrived at 1500 (3PM), traveling 67 miles.  Sunny in the 80s and winds were east at 5-10.  Miles traveled to date 816. Only issue today was an abundance of green flies trying to feast on the crew.  Luckily the electrically charged fly swatter was a deterrent.

We are departing the crowded marina fairway. 
 Lovely day for boating in the SC low country.
 The city in Georgetown has done a great job of building a boardwalk along the bay.
 Bars and restaurants line the boardwalk.
 A boats transom tied up next to us.  Amusing.
Historic building in Georgetown, formerly a bank now a first class restaurant called the Rice Paddy.

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