Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day 24 Morehead City to Belhaven, NC

We departed Morehead City Marina at 810 which was late for us, but I needed to stop at the marine store which opened at 730.  The crew enjoyed a second pot of coffee.

We fueled up also. Diesel fuel prices have fallen 60 cents since we left Sarasota. Now $3.49 per gallon.
We wanted to move north away from the projected path of T/S Beryl.  The second storm to dodge this trip, the first was Alberto.  The initial bands we headed our way as we saw on the Sirius weather service and looking ahead!

Because of Beryl we decided to stay two nights in Belhaven.

We traveled 68 miles most at 20 mph as we were in larger rivers and the holiday folks have headed home.  Total miles to date 1089.
Along one of the cuts we traversed a small pirate ship was tied up behind a home.
We used radar and the Sirius weather to track the storms. We dodged most of them but a few showers hit us, no big deal.
Of course as soon as we arrived at the marina in Belhaven, the winds picked up and a small squall hit. We motored slowly waiting for it to pass.  When it did pass  the crew prepared the lines for our docking.  The Captain was nice and dry in the bridge.

WE decided to grill steaks at the marina. They provided a great gas grill for our use. Since there is only one restaurant in town (two have closed since our last visit in 2009) we thought we would visit it tomorrow.

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Don W said...

Don Walter here, Glad to see the ladies have joined you. They certainly brighten things up. Be safe