Thursday, May 10, 2012

Day 5 Stuart to Vero Beach, FL

After an overnight thunderstorm, the crew of Island Hopper awakened to a beautiful morning.  After waiting for a passing train before we could pass a nearby bridge, we departed at 830 am.  We headed down the St Lucie River to the ICW, about 8 miles. We turned north after passing Hell Gate on the chart, very comforting.

We arrived at Vero Beach Marina at 2:00 pm.  Simple marina with friendly folks.  Total miles 44.

We bicycled to the ocean to check out the beach.  Winds were piping so the life guards were postings warnings.

After checking out the restaurants on the beach we decided to eat at the Vero Beach YC, next door.  Very good and very friendly people.   I love it when they ask our final destination and I tell them Montreal, they can't believe it, nor can I.
Our vessel's name is Island Hopper, so I was intrigued by this sign.


Anonymous said...

I'm really enjoying the trip details Kev, it's almost like I am far to Sykes Creek from where you are??

Anonymous said...

Oh and by the way, if you had any comments prio to this post from me, I didn't get them cause I forgot to check the fgollow up comments to my email box, it's set now though..df