Thursday, May 17, 2012

Day 12 St Simons to Hilton Head Island

 The crew was up early for the 100 mile day in the Atlantic to Hilton Head Island (Harbour Town Marina)  We departed at 0700 and the water was like glass as we motored south to the inlet. Total miles to date 654.
 Surprise!  A freighter coming down the river to the sea.  I wanted to stay in front of this beast as the wake would be awful so I pushed up the throttles to 20 knots and I made it past him before he turned into the exit channel.
The ocean was great today.  2-3 foot swells from the SE and winds 5 knots from the NW. We were headed north.
 Nice wake at 20 knots.
We pulled into Harbour Town Marina at 1230.  Beat the storms again. They held off until 4:30 PM.
We bicycled to South Beach (Salty Dog) for a soft drink.  10 mile round trip on a bike path, a great time.
A beautifully restored Trumpy Yacht built in 1924 was in the marina.  Too much maintenance for me.
 The new top on Island Hopper with the clear polycarbonate is great.  Water tight and easy to see through the clear panels.  Pulled into the slip next to a boat from Ottawa Canada so I picked his brain about our upcoming travels.
True to form, the storms hit around 4:30.  Not much rain a a little wind were it today.  Savannah got hammered according to the news.

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Don W said...

Kevin, It's Don W. my kids and son-in-law are in Charleston for the weekend and didn't know if that was your next stop. Let me know.