Sunday, June 30, 2013

Lakefield to Buckhorn, Ontario

 We enjoyed Lakefield.  Debbie and Barb even found a store open on this holiday weekend, handmade pottery.
 Nice having an IGA for provisioning.
 We departed Lakefield at 9:00AM without deckboss Debbie.(see prior post)  First it was cruising on a river but later it opened up into beautiful lakes with rock islands, and also rocks lurking just below the surface as a trap for the unwary.  
One of the many islands we passed today, some had homes on them.
 The lakes are connected by canals with locks as the lakes are on different elevations.
 We wanted to stay on the lock wall here at Buckhorn, but being a long weekend here for Canada Day we smartly decided to book a nearby marina
 I guess this is why they call it Buckhorn
 WE tied up to the Buckhorn Yacht Harbour marina at 1:30PM after traveling 22 miles and four locks, tying on the outside wall.  Island Hopper was too big for the inside portion of the marina.  It was a mile walk to town which we did in the afternoon.  Lots of holiday picnics at the nearby lock park and good ice cream.

We decided  to fix dinner on the boat so Eddie and I dressed for the occasion.  The marina rules prohibited grilling on the boat so we found a nearby bench and set the ship's grill on a steady platform.  Wine was poured, chicken thawed and cooked and thanks to my able crew with my careful supervision,  we enjoyed a very nice meal.

Bryce  enjoyed the grilling, as well, from a distance.  

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