Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hastings to Peterborough, Ontario

 We left at 8:30AM for Peterborough, a trip of 40 miles and one lock, yippee   No rain forecast and the weather people were right.  Debbie took the helm for a spell across one of the Lakes we traversed today, a nice change from the narrow rivers and canals.

At 12:30 we enter lock 19 just before the Peterborough Marina. A beautiful relaxing day on Island Hopper. 
 Who do we see in the lock but the slow boat, Canadian Flyer, he departed Hastings before 6:00 AM he tells me.  
 As we enter the "lake" at Peterborough a lovely fountain is before us.  At night the colors of the lights change.
The marina is handy to town so we enjoy the amenities of a town of 75,000 boasting two universities.  Plenty of Pizza joints but also nice restaurants.  Island Hopper is on the right.
 We are spending two nights as our friends Ed and Barb Daniel are joining us here for a several week trip.  They drove up from Cincinnati.  Ed is a college fraternity brother.  Here are Debbie and I at a statute along a lovely walking trail near the marina.
We walked to thePeterborough lift lock about 2 miles away.  We will lock up through this lock on Friday morning as we head north.
 Note the pan that is up in the air.  There is a similar pan on the left in the water.  You pull your boat into the pan, tie it off and by a  push of a button you go up 70 feet to the canal above.  The gate opens and out you go.  Not bad for being built in 1906
 We walked up to the control room after viewing the visitor's center.  Ed the lockmaster allowed Debbie to push a few buttons to lower the pan with a pleasure boat in it.  
The poor Captain had no idea Debbie was operating the lock.  This is the upper pan about ready to go down the 70 feet.

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